What to say?
I wondered if this would happen. I'm just not sure that my life is really interesting enough, even for me, to maintain a current up-to-date blog. Or, rather, when I have time to be writing in my blog, my life is boring. When my life is boring, who has time for a blog?
I went to Borders to apply for a job today, and happened to notice a sign saying that William Gibson would be there in half an hour to sign his new book. Of course I sat down to wait, and picked up a copy... I ended up buying it: _Pattern Recognition_, it's called. I like it a great deal. The main character is obsessed with brand names, so at times it read a lot like the first half of Bret Easton Ellis' _American Psycho_. Not the second half so much.
Anyway, _Pattern Recognition_ is set last year, which is a radical shift for Gibson. He said today that for the past twenty years he had been using 1980 as his 'baseline for how weird the world is', predicting all of his dystopic futures on 1980. Apparently this novel has allowed him to establish a new baseline. He also said that he took great pains to avoid the phrase 'rain-slick neon' in this book. (: