Poster for Cognitive Science

The CogSci program is having a recruitment table in the cafeteria, just like the Marines. We need a new poster, though--our last one is a bit beat up, and also doesn\'t actually have the words \"Cognitive Science\" on it (well, it does, but they\'re pretty small and on the bottom).

Anyway, I thought I had more time, and I was going to ask my awesome graphic designer friends (and professional comic artists who can fake graphic design) for some tips... but there is on time. I just sent it off to get printed. Um, but here it is anyway:

Click to enlarge

Graphic is from Samuel Wells\' How to Read Character: A New Illustrated Hand-book of Phrenology and Physiognomy, found here. I\'m a bit uncomfortable associating us with phrenology, but it is a pretty cool graphic.

Oh, forgot to mention that this will be 2 feet high by 3.5 feet wide. Now is the perfect time to tell me that I misspelled "cognitive" or something.