Pan's Labyrnth

Well, there's a bunch of stuff that I feel that I should be writing here, updates about my father and my car (good and bad news, respectivly) my instead I'll just direct you to the following movie website:

Pan's Labrynth
Opening in December, and I am very much looking forward to it. Judging from only the trailer on the site (which is little enough from which to make predictions) it looks like maybe what Mirrormask should have been...

Neil Gaiman says:

Pan's Labyrinth is an astonishing film. It's an uncompromisingly adult film, with a child and her fairy tale inset into it as a contrast and echo. You start the film believing it to be Ofelia's film, and you gradually discover that the adult story is not background but the story as well, and they move in tandem...

I'm really glad I saw it, and more glad that Guillermo made it. It feels like it opens up the vocabulary of fantasy on film. And it made me so happy in its interleaving of the fantastic and the mundane without privileging either.