Oh, wow, today is so great! Here are some reasons:

Found out I\'ll be lighting S. Legare\'s Romeo and Juliet in September. I\'m trying not to get too excited, as we don\'t know about the space for sure--maybe I\'ll just be busting my ass duct-taping 60watt lightbulbs and bitching about coverage the whole time... Still pretty exciting, though!

Found out that two new issues of Steampunk Magazine have come out! Will buy them on payday.

Found out that Allen Moore has a \'zine of his own! Will buy a copy of that, as well!

Found out that Zeal has released his XBox USB Guitar Hero Controller -> MIDI software, and OMFG it looks awesome! And it\'s free (although a used controller is thirty bucks or so).

I\'m also almost done with Red Faction: Guerilla, a video game that let\'s you drive a tank through an office complex, and am downloading Grand Theft Auto IV, a game that contains the most realistic NYC simulation in history. I plan to ignore all the missions, and just walk down 42nd St., pretending that I\'m on my way to see Sxip\'s Hour of Charm again. Or maybe grab some simulated day-old-bread for the simulated bakery on the ground floor of my simulated rent-controlled apartment.

And, finally, IT IS ALMOST TWELFTH NIGHT (observed)!!!!!

GTA 4 turned out to be a pretty great game, but much too interested in narrative to be a good sandbox. The guitar hero controller is fun, but difficult to play. Allen Moore\'s zine is great. And R&J... went poorly. But maybe Tempest will work out better!