Natural Language Casting
It's only 11:40, but I feel as tired as I did yesterday at 2:00 am. Anyway, I wanted to get this idea down before I forgot about it entirely. The other day I was trying to describe red velvet cake to my partener, Katya. She asked me what it was like and I told her that it was red, the only distinguishing thing I knew about red velvet cake. She then asked me what flavor it was, and I was unable to reply. 'Is it red flavor?' she asked.
Ordinarily our mind auto-casts, like Perl, so that we don't have to specify whether an adjective is a visual adjective or a gustatory one (thanks to Katya for that twenty-five cent word). In certain cases it is context-sensitive, like dry wine in a dry glass (tactile or flavor?) and in other cases it is completely ambguous, like hot food (Spicy? Scalding? Or just good?). Then it seems, we can cast inappropriate adjectives if we declare them specifically, like 'red flavor'.
I told you I was tired. I have no ieda what I'm saying. Good night.