Teen Crack Whores .com

Once upon a time, I worked as a web developer for a company in NYC (good old Learning Worlds!). Oftentimes I would need a theoretic example of an archetypal "bad website". You know, like, "we have to check for that, otherwise hackers will just break in and redirect it to '' and we wouldn't want that!"

One day, November 9th, 2001, to be precise, I actually went to and, to my shock no one had registered it! Well, naturally I signed up for it, started hosting my 'blog there, and have been doing so ever since!

To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, my housemate +Beth Leska made this amazing cake--it's a lemon cake with violet cream cheese icing, flavored with lemoncello. It's a two-layer cake, and the layers are glued together with chocolate. No, that all has nothing to do with teen crack whores--I just started requesting cake elements essentially at random, and she managed to make it all work! YUM!

Served with vanilla ice cream.