They tricked me! (:

One goal that I always have at Burning Man is to avoid being too pervy. Which is to say, there are a lot of pretty woman and a lot of good looking guys, and they arenít always wearing a lot of clothing... but it\'s pretty important to remember that this doesnít necessarily mean that they want me to ogle them.

And, in truth, after spending seven days surrounded by nudity, it becomes surprisingly easy to look folks in the eye, and not the cock. Still, itís important to be on oneís best behavior, and there have been some real assholes in the past--in 2002 Girls Gone Wild snuck in a bunch of video cameras and sold tapes of the people they filmed. Without their permission, needless to say.

Not to sound too holier-than-thou, but I honestly try to be respectful of women in day-to-day life, regardless of how they\'re dressed, and there\'s no reason to change this attitude in the desert. Obviously plenty of people enjoy dressing up or stripping down, but regardless of how pretty people are, I just feel too uncomfortable to ask to take pictures when there\'s a lot of skin showing.

However, in this one instance these women asked me to take their photo. It was only after Iíd pushed the button that I realized that I really had no way to give it to them, at which point they laughed and said it was a gift.