So, \"Five Quick People Who Are Also Angry\" turned out to be fantastically enjoyable, although I imagine that Catherine Cefalu\'s stiff sidecars had something to do with that. On the other hand, \"I will Surprisingly Hit you In Your Face When you are Not Expecting Me To\" was a textbook, guided tour of modern rape culture. So we\'re one-for-two.

Does anyone want to risk seeing \"Priest\" with me? I don\'t have a fancy pseudo-title for it yet, but Penny Arcade says that it\'s \"a sci-fi Western martial arts explodergasm about future Catholics\". I\'d watch that. I\'d watch the heck out of that.

By the way, I actually typed this up right on the Facebooks, thinking that I\'d utilize social media just like a modern fellow. But it was two hundred characters too long, which is some bullshit right there.