Oh, man, Julie Taymor...

Oh, and then I just read this, the most in depth review I\'ve seen. It looks like he gets what I love about Taymor (he liked Titus, for example) and he still gave the musical an F-. Reading that review, it really does just sound awful. And he makes Taymor sound not like my idol, but like a nightmare director that I would hate to work with. In fact, she sounds a lot like the last director I did work with, until he fired me. Mind you, that fellow hasn\'t worked with Taymor, so he\'s just guessing... but it sounds pretty damning just he same.

Also it\'s a very funny review. And he finishes by pointing out that Spider-man: Turn off the Dark! has a budget that is about half as large as that of the entire NEA. And that\'s really unjustifiable.

Don Root!2011-03-16
On the ego and chops: The same problem often shows up in the world of music. I\'m a drummer, and we\'re the absolute worst at this. You want to show people what you can do, but as soon as you show them, it becomes about YOU, not about the ART. The best drummers are the ones you really never notice. They\'re just sitting back there holding things together, at least until the drum solo. And really, does anyone really want to hear a drum solo? I can count on one hand the interesting drum solos I\'ve ever heard on record. Sounds like Taymor\'s ego definitely got the better of her on this one.
That pretty much sums up the mess I saw on stage two weeks ago. I had been pretty vocal in support of the show and Taymor, until I saw it. I still believe there\'s a show in there to be salvaged, but there is no way that Taymor can step away enough to do that. I even didn\'t hate some of the additions she made as far as weaving the Arachne myth in, had it been executed better and had the story come off as coherent. Instead there is a mess of competing storytelling. Everything on stage comes of as filled with star director hubris and a complete misunderstanding of her subject and source material. There are moments of visual brilliance but they do not aid any coherency of plot and your left feeling like you\'ve watched Taymor pull every trick in her bag (including many she\'s used before) out and try to push it into the show. That may be the worst part of all of it - although the flying rigs and some of the scenic elements are technologically cool, there is actually nothing really new about the show\'s storytelling or visuals. There are a lot of musical theater 101 failures of directing.