I went shopping last night! I need a new blazer to go with my new skirt, because I decided to get it in white. That\'s right, in 2011, I\'m going to try white instead of black as my foundational hue! Wish me luck around plates of spaghetti.

Anyway, I went shopping in all my favorite stores along Belmont last night. Didn\'t find anything (except an orange scarf and some rye whiskey) but it was still a remarkably fun way to spend an evening.

While I was out, I had dinner at the middle eastern place there (Sinbad\'s, I think it\'s called) and I got into a conversation with the head cook about hummus. I mentioned that I liked to make my own, and he seemed pretty impressed. He gave me his recipe: tahini, fresh garlic, some salt, and chickpeas. And then you can other things for flavor.

\"What sort of things?\"

\"Oh, no, I don\'t tell anyone that! It\'s my secret, but you can add whatever your like.\"

So after I finished his (delicious!) hummus, I went back up to thank him. As I was leaving, I said, \"So, olives, then? I\'m pretty sure I tasted some olives in that...\"

He just grinned and said, \"No one!\"

Kate Setzer Kamphaus2011-02-02
The Awesome.