I\'m reading H. Rider Haggard\'s novel SHE, and it\'s great. I mean, it\'s horrifically racist and jingoist as only British literature in 1888 could be, but if you can look past that it\'s pretty awesome so far.

Horace Holly (incredibly strong, and a brilliant scholar, but extremely ugly) and his ward Leo Vincy (called \"the Greek God\" for his unearthly good looks--which are, of course, coupled with a pleasant manner and a bluff, ready friendship) along with their salt-of-the-earth servant Job (and an almost nameless Muslim porter or something) have fantastic adventures seeking the fountain of youth in Darkest Africa!

I was imagining a modern movie version, in my head, and thought that the only way to do it would be to try to counteract the inherent racism in the novel somehow. And then I realized that Ron Perlman and Isaiah Mustafa were basically born to play those two roles.

holy crap I would totally watch that.