So, we\'re living in the future and stuff...

You ever see that Ralph Fines movie Strange Days? It was a sci-fi thriller about this person who had videotaped a murder. The bad guys were after her, and I think she hid \"video tape\"* right before she got killed herself and then Ralph Fines found it and had to get it to the Media before the killer found him, or something.

If only she\'d used old skool 2009 technology instead of her future-camera! The resolution isn\'t the best (and it can\'t record feelings) but right now, today I can record with my cell phone, and broadcast it with a few seconds delay on the internet, which also archives a copy. It\'s just awesome to have a wireless, live web cam, although hard to imagine what I\'d use it for. Certainly easy to imagine what other folks will use it for, though... actually, it\'s probably not just porn. I could imagine a whole bunch of cool cable-access shows streaming via the crappy G1 camera. Hmm, maybe not.

Still, if I ever witness a murder, or a Rodney King style beat down, I would certainly document it this way. It is terribly unlikely, but if it ever happens that I die under suspicious circumstances, it\'s worth checking this page: to see if I\'ve broadcast the killer\'s identity.

Oh, and to all you would-be-murderers and corrupt cops out there, now you know that there\'s no point killing me to hush anything up. If you see me filming you, well, everyone on the internet has already seen it.

*Warning*: The films on that link right now just consist of me saying, \"Testing, testing!\" and are really boring. And I can\'t really imagine what else will ever be there. Still, there it is.

*Actually an advanced sense-memory recorder** that let you record and playback everything that you saw or felt while wearing it.

** Actually an unaltered Sony MiniDisk. No kidding--it was a pretty great film, but the prop department didn\'t even spraypaint them or anything.