Hatsune Miko

Holy cow, this is incredible! I had heard of Hatsune Miko before, but had never seen footage of one of her live concerts. She\'s a 100% digital Japanese pop star--her voice is entirely created via Yamaha\'s Vocaloid software*, and her look designed by manga artist Kei.

A giant hologram+ dancing anime girl who sings all her own songs!? Gibson, eat your hear out! We live in the future right now!!!

(Thanks to ectmo for the link)

* Very cutting-edge voice synthesis software with a focus on melody. In the time I\'ve played around with it I wasn\'t able to do much, but I was using a pirated Japanese copy. Not only were all of the instructions / labels in Japanese, but the phonetics were also Japanese by default and I couldn\'t figure out how to change them. My attempts and getting it to sing in English didn\'t necessarily sound bad, just creepy and a little bit racist.

+It isn\'t actually a hologram (my first thought) but a very clever combination of lighting, rear projection, and a semi-transparent screen. In this behind the scenes video there\'s a bit at the very end shot from an extreme angle, and the depth vanishes. Still, it\'s completely effective!