My apologies!!!

Here\'s a graph* of the number of emails that I have sent to my boss containing the word \"sorry\" over my time here at Northwestern. Of course this includes any emails that I sent saying, \"I was on time today, and I\'m not sorry about it\" or \"I\'m sorry I do my job so damn well!\" but for the most part it\'s probably safe to say that I screwed up, to a greater or lesser extent. More so in April of \'07, apparently.

Mind you, I do err on the side of apology--my instinct is to say nothing and hope that no one notices my mistakes, but Dedre made it clear early on that she was the type of boss that didn\'t \"keep score\". With some people it\'s not as safe to admit mistakes, but she makes it easy to apologize to her.

*Made with the awesome Graph Your Inbox extension!