My name turns three tomorrow!

So this is the third anniversary of the day that I changed my name, and every year for the last three years I\'ve gone to this particular Mexican restaurant where they have margaritas that are the same size as my head. Each year, people have tried to buy me drinks, and it always confuses me.

Don\'t get me wrong, they succeed in buying me drinks, and I appreciate it! But I never understand why they offer. Doesn\'t everyone know that this isn\'t my birthday? It isn\'t even my Saint\'s Feast Day, and even if it were I\'m not religious. It\'s just a made-up excuse to go out drinking, that\'s all, and not a proper holiday.

And yet this year it feels a tiny bit more like a holiday than it did last year. Enough that I got myself some presents: cheap black nail polish (thanks, Halloween!), expensive purple striper (that I can\'t use very well) and ridiculously expensive top coat.

There have been a number of things that I\'m no longer worried about as of today+ , which partially explains the holiday feelings. But I also wonder if I\'m falling for my own marketing. I mean, no matter how much I say, \"It\'s just a made-up excuse to go drinking and not a real holiday\", it\'s still a really fun event that happens on the same day every year. Maybe it counts by now? In that case, everyone feel free to buy me drinks tonight!

Well, it\'s no Daily Nail, but I\'m still learning.

*Which is on March 31st, and also results in head-sized margaritas.

It works out quite well, actually--Saint\'s Day: March 31; Birthday: July 6th; Name Day: October 9th... now I just need an egocentric drinking holiday in mid-January and I\'ll be set!

+The first Cognitive Science event of the year was yesterday, and it went well. I had a doctors appointment yesterday--nothing important, but they always make me nervous--and it went well. I spent most of my last paycheck on the day after payday (thanks, Janelle Monae and Of Montreal!) so the last two weeks have been... lean. But it\'s payday again!