Spam Comments!

I know it isn\'t exactly a pressing issue for you (you probably read this on Facebook, I reckon) and even for me it ain\'t exactly a sensible thing to do at quarter-past-six on a Wednesday... But I think I might finally have plugged the spam leak on my blog!

It\'s just been gushing it, and I\'ve never been able to determine exactly where it was coming from--no matter what crazy captcha thingies I inserted, it would magically override them and flood my comments box with ads for v1agra. -sadface-

But I found it, at long last! Back when I last redesigned this blog, I couldn\'t be arsed to fix it up for IE, so I just redirected anyone on IE7 to the old \'blog, which I left to rot. Turns out that the vast majority of comment spam was, of course, submitted via this ancient but still-active interface! -sigh-