Sexism and Men

Just read a interesting thread on Metafilter about how sexism affects men.

The article itself was fairly interesting on its own, listing \"5 Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men\" but the discussion that followed was even more so. There were a huge number of folks (many of whom identified as men) dismissing the article outright, as well as a bunch of folks stating how close or loose a fit it was to their own perspectives.

Note that Metafilter is an online forum open to anyone willing to pay a one-time $5 fee. Although the membership generally skews towards college-educated Westerners, there are tens of thousands of members from a pretty wide range of backgrounds. All accounts are strictly anonymous.

For the responses to this article, the following were of particular interest to me:

hincandenza dislikes the items in the article, and provides his own list

uncanny hengeman offers his experience as (I think) an Australian man

desjardins ponders her sexism in expecting her husband to fix the dryer

kyrademon challenges the folks who dismiss the claims of sexism (and there were a lot who did) with a thought experiment

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Also his username is take from Infinite Jest. That predisposes me to like him a little more. (Although it might well have the reverse effect on others, I suppose).
I also really liked the thread, particularly as it followed the \"normal\" sexism thread of last week. I find hincandenza kind of interesting; he\'s somewhat insightful, and very articulate, and enraged to the point of madness on sexism issues. ..and he seems to have managed to hijack the end of the thread into his own personal \"how can I get laid\" AskMe. god damn.