He is on a horse.

I really like the ad below, and so do a lot of folks on the internet. It\'s fun, surreal, fairly inoffensive, and acknowledges right off the bat just how silly the idea of \"male\" and \"female\" liquid soap really is. It also stars an african-american man in the role of \"universal sex symbol\", and that\'s pretty cool. Also, the man in question (Isaiah Mustafa) is, indeed, smoking hot.

Gragh. If it isn\'t embedding for you, the video in question is here:

Plus it has just the right pacing. I don\'t love it as much as some--these folks, for example, who covered the text to the tune of a John Denver song--but I think it\'s great.

Oh, and as I just found out today, the only CG in the entire commercial is the diamonds bit. Everything else, all of the transitions, they were all done on the set. That\'s keen.

What I really love about this ad campaign, however, is that it\'s the first one I\'m aware of to really get internet culture. They signed up for Facebook , Twitter, and Reddit accounts, but instead of the usual blind, bland, tone deaf social media pitching, they did this:


If you were alone in the woods, and no one were around to smell you, would you smell as manly and awesome?


Dearest Squidboots,

I\'ve made you a video explaining the mysteries of the scented universe:

Sincerely, The Old Spice Man


Is it true you tore the wings off Pegasus and ate them buffalo style to achieve the manliness you exhibit today?

If yes, please recount your battle with the beast. If no, please do this immediately.


Dear desimusxvii,

No Pegasi were hurt in the making of this video:

Sincerely, The Guy On The Horse

Also, check out their reply to this Twitter request: