Mix CD

Note: Hopefully you've all gotten a chance to experience my fantastic taste in music. I will now remove these songs from Joshiah's server.

In February, my good friends Ben and Crystal sent me an awesome two-CD mix tape that had a huge amount of music that they'd bought over 2005. One CD was full of songs that were released in 2005, and the other CD was songs they were released earlier that they bought in 2005. It was a little overwhelming.

In April I finally started making my reply CD, and I finished it in May. Around the beginning of June I finally mailed it to them! I also mailed a copy to Fuzzy, as a thank-you for being so awesome.

I am simply not the rabid consumer of music that Ben and Crystal are, so min eis only one CD. All of the songs on it were songs that I had never heard before 2005, as hard as that may be to believe. Yes, Stairway to Heaven is a cover, but I hadn't even heard the Led Zepplin version before. Somehow.

  1. Der Holle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
    W. A. Mozart
    I saw "The Magic Flute" in January, and this aria is now my gold standard for judging any experience--how close does it come to overpowering all cognition in a wash of pure emotion, rated 1-9 on the QONSA* scale.
  2. Rich Girl
    Gwen Stefani
    I like fusion, and I like covers in non-traditional styles. Also, I was apparently 100% incorrect about Harajuku Girls who are, apparently, no worse than having a bunch of Gothic Lolitas as backup singers. At least, according to wikipedia, our agreed upon reality.
  3. Stairway to Heaven
    Led Zeppelin
    Surely I must have heard this before, on some radio station somewhere, but I can't remember it. I really love it, both the evocative-yet-nonsensical lyrics, and the kickass solo... This version kicks even more ass--it's the Leningrad Cowboys backed by the Red Army Choir. How cool is that!? here's the original.
  4. Posed to Death
    The Faint
    I'd never heard of them before. I like them a lot.
  5. The Battle
    Lady Sovereign
    I really like foreign accents, especially British ones.
  6. Ozymandias I
    I really like gothy, moody, atmospheric music.
  7. The Return
    I also really like a nice High Opera / Rock and Roll fusion...
  8. Dark Sonnet
    Lorraine a' Malena
    Very pretty. Also, the lyrics are by Neil Gaiman.
  9. Into the Woods
    My Morning Jacket
    I generally detest hipster / indie music, but I really like the new MMJ album. I tried their older stuff, though, and found it very generic indeed.
  10. My Favorite Plum
    Suzanne Vega
    I couldn't put any Rasputina on here, 'cause I heard them before 2005, but this is nice. I still love the violin very much.
  11. Red Room
    I wanted to make sure you heard this band from a couple of different angles, if you see what I mean.
  12. Kylie Minogue
    This is by far the softest, sanest, and most-accessible track on their album. They are weird Japanese surrealists.
  13. Chori Pe Chori
    A. R. Rahman
    I like bhangra. Hmmm, I wonder if you do? Maybe not, I'm thinking...
  14. 10 Dollar
    From the producer who gave us "Tatu". What can I say, I like English accents.
  15. Random
    Lady Sovereign
    I saw her live recently!!!!
  16. Blac
    My favorite track on their album.

*QONSA scale—“Queen of the Night’s Second Aria” Scale.