Chetyre- A'deen-Devyat'

Please note:

  1. The (more or less) impeccable grammar
  2. The vague business-speak that, while perhaps more convincing than the typical story, would probably not fool any actual CEOs. Then again...
  3. The total lack of Nigeriosity.
  4. Attn.President/CEO.


    I am Mihail Vadim, I represent a top company executive in Russia. He has given me a very sensitive and private brief to ask for your partnership to re-profile legitimately accrued funds well over fifty million euros.

    I will give the details, but in summary, the funds are coming via a bank in western europe, and this is a very legitimate request. You will be paid 8% for your "management fees",if I am able to reach agreeable terms with you.

    If this would interest you, please write me back by email and provide me with your telephone number, and private email address and I will provide further details. I wish for you to have this request as private as much as possible; we can not afford any political problems in our country.

    Write me back.I look forward to it.

    Mr. Mihail