Reverse negation of the causal chain!

"It would seem that although there are some places in which a disaster might happen, the limited time travel in Planet of the Apes sets up some benign if complicated interlocking N-jumps."
Joseph Young's surprisingly cogent and even more surprisingly readable look at time travel in popular film, ranging from Terminator I & II to Bill and Ted.

A freqeunt problem that he finds with popular time travel movies is that they "resolve to an infinity loop". For example, in Terminator I, the robot goes back in time to kill John Connor's mother. Let's say that it succeeded--thirty years later, there is no John Conner and so the robot is not sent back in time. This, of course, means that there is a John Connor... In Joseph Young's view, such a sereis of events would destroy the future--time would jump back and forth between these two outcomes forever. If that makes sense, check out his cool short story. If it doesn't, read a bunch of his movie reviews.

An interesting thing about Mr. Young is that he is a devout Christian, and has written a book on Christian ethics. I really wonder about his ideas on God and Time.