"Dad's just happy that I'm not a Scientologist."
"We were first known as a company that released award-winning arthouse films, then B-horror films, then cheesy horror films, now knock-offs. Next year it will be gay animal porn. The bottom line is that we can change quickly with our buyers."

A wonderful interview with David Latt, the head of Asylum Films. This is the company responsible for such direct-to-video titles as "DaVinci Treasure", "666: The Child", and "The Pirates of Treasure Island", and the forthcoming "Snakes on a train". The interview is great, with such choice lines as:

Scott: Last October came your zombie flick, Dead Men Walking, only a few months removed from George Romero's zombie flick, Land of the Dead. Zombie movies are pretty common, so I'll just ask: Lucky timing or intentional tag-along?

David: That one was lucky timing. But if you look close enough, you'll see a pattern in everything. Dead Men came out (coincidentally) only four years after Titanic was released. I'm just saying...
Scott: Basic copyright law indicates that Asylum had to skip their version of Superman Returns, but what would you have called it, anyway?

David: Star Wars.