Birthday Celebration (including photos of my new bike!!!)

The 6th of July was a Wednesday this year, ick. Also, I was working at Victory Garden, so even more ick. However, this meant that when I actually celebrated my birthday, day before yesterday, I had just been paid ($380 from V.G., of which 30% needs to go to Tax next year).

Anyway, I ended up celebrating my brithday by shopping. Weird. I rarely go shopping, as it feels Consumerist and Sinful. Also, I spend all my spare money on eating out. Which can be fun (as it was on Saturday) but is often a waste of cash simply because of convenience (as it is like to be tonight).

So I got up at 9:00 and drove Larry to Wicker Park, where he was giving a workshop (that I had wanted to attend, but then didn't manage to sign up for in time). I dropped him off and walked through Wicker Park, smiling at the hipsters. I got to Toast before the hipsters even woke up. I went there for Katya's brithday in 2005, arrived at noon and had to wait an hour. Today, however, I got seated right away, at the bar, next to the coffee urn. I ordered a "french toast orgy", which consisted of a slice of french toast stuffed with marscapone, one stuffed with chocolate, and one stuffed with some sort of devine fresh strawberry mixture. I drank all the coffee I wanted and I read Quentin Crisp. Mmmmmm!

I walked back through Wicker Park (which I miss, and I want to be rich and live there. Although I'd rather be rich and live in Chinatown) and I stopped at Ragstock, where I made my first even genuine Hipster Find.

Hipster Finds are where hipsters magically score accessories that are the perfect blend of wierdness and kitsch and uncool-cool. Katya is pretty good at this, although that's partially because I'm not really a hipster (even if I found an actual High School Sports Team T-Shirt in a thrift store, I would never, ever wear it). Katya found a hard-plastic carrying case for an old-school VHS camcorder once, which was pretty damn hip. At any rate, in Ragstock I bought their very last East German Map Case, which is not only retro and hip, not only is it so uncool (it's made of Horrible Borwn Imitation Leather) that it's cool, it's also got a bunch of straps and buckles on it, which appeals to me. Anyway, I'll take a photo of it soon. I spray-painted it black, which makes it look 1200% better. On that other hand A) It's so damn hot and humid that it still isn't dry, a day and a hlaf later, and B) it is now no longer so hideous that it's cool. Ah, well.

I went to Myopic Books, and bought a copy of The Myth of Sisyphus. The last time I tried to read it I had no job and was deeply in debt, and I had to stop reading for my own good. Maybe I'll be able to read it this time...

I also stopped by Microcenter and got that thing I needed so that the internet connection can live in my room with me on the second floor (a wireless range extender). No I have a Ubuntu box. Hooray!

Finally, I went to Working Bikes a bike co-op on the South side. I bought a sweet bike there for $45. I'm really, really happy with it! Oh, and then I went to Ace hardware (up past the North side--in Evanston in fact, because the city of Chicago has outlawed the sale of spray paint) and got a can of black and a can of orange spray paint. I'm really growing to love that color combination, like a red-winged blackbird. Here's my new bike!

If I'd been thinking at all I would have taken at least one photo of the bike before I painted it, but such is life.

That evening, we drank two bottles of champagne and ate tasty tasty German Chocolate cake!