I see your face, every day...

So I got a comment on my blog the other day. It said,

    So there was a man who murdered drug addicted hookers in the south. He was a trucker of sorts and liked to travel. I guess it was considered a serial killer by some, but to me; he was just a victim of circumstance. Sort of like a lion quenching his hunger by hunting the weak and the sick. Who is this man I speak of?

    This man is me...

At first I was, understandably, a little concerned. Before long, however, I realized that it was Kenny, a friend from the production of Homesick last year. He played the serial killer, so that's all right.

That I find especially amusing / fascinating, however, was that I hadn't really thought about him for months and months. Why is that so interesting? Because even though I haven't spared him a though, I see his face every single day--sometimes more often!

Which is to say that I put the photo that I most loved from my lighting of that production (Kenny, bathed in red light and glaring at the audience) on my cell phone, where it acts as wallpapers. I see it every time I take out my phone... Weird.