[[What is this? Itís the (slightly delayed) invitation to my game of Lexicon! The complete rules are here but essentially we all take turns creating fictional entries in a collaborative dictionary. We start with A, and make up definitions and until, by the time Z rolls around, we have a fully realized fictional world created from our dictionary entries. Hereís an example of a different game currently in play. ]]

Congratulations, esteemed colleagues, on the completion of a monumental task worthy of the Thirty Scholars themselves! As of last Thursday, the "Legacy of the Third Emperor: Including an Account of his Glorious Origins, his Tragic Downfall, and his Many Curious Inventions" has been translated in its entirety. Page 3,518 alone took many months to fully translate, as did pages 438, 511, and sections II and IV.(Indeed, were it not for Scholar Acheampongís timely discovery of Fair Copy #R25, pages 5-14 would have forever remained an insolvable enigma.) Now the entire, priceless resource is available at last, in the Hierarchís own Standard Academic English. (Scholar Johansenís inimitable regional eccentricities notwithstanding.)

All that remains is for us to compile a helpful glossary to the work. While the significance of the Battle of DaríNeb or the intricacies of Ficulnish Courtship Dancing may be readily apparent to highly-trained academics such as ourselves, our target audience will not be so learned. Indeed, to someone who has studied the Third Emperor only in the Lower Academies, even the phrase "Thural-Pneumatic Drollicator" may fail to conjure up a precise image of the device in question.

It is for such people that this glossary must be compiled. It may seem like a niggling task after the great labor of translating the Legacy itself, but I believe that if we all pitch in it can be completed in short order. There is no need to be overly pedantic: a brief, 100-200 word description is all that is required to differentiate the Ars Hydronic from the Hydron of Arsoleth.

In an orderly fashion, beginning with those difficult terms starting with "A", submit your explanatory entries. Please note that Iíve used only the most obvious examples in this missive, and you should not feel constrained to define the ones that I have mentioned. Although you will be remunerated for this additional effort, per the Standard Contract of Eruditional Labor, for this project you will not be paid based upon the sheer number of words that you write. This applies especially to Scholar Reginald!

[[Please create an account if you wish to play this game. Iíve thoroughly bug-tested this softwareÖ but not while more than two players are involved. If anything weird happens, please let me know and Iíll fix it right up. If this entry didnít make any sense to you, but youíd like to find out what Iím talking about, please let me know and Iíll try to clarify. I expect that we should be able to define a word or two every week (the entries are not very long). ]]