Lady Sovereign!

We went to Intonation Fest on Saturday, and it was awesome! I'm trying to go to more Rock Shows, and Katya encouraged me to get out of the house for this. I am so glad!

One thing that I learned is that my camera, although it may be great for taking photos of my cat (ok, maybe not so hot at that, either) it isn't so good at photographing live Rock Shows:

That's Lady Sovereign in the center, there. She is very short.

It may appear that her DJ was Jesus Christ, but that's just a result of my camera having no idea what exposure to use, and guessing wildly. He was good, though.

That guy over stage right was an artists (I'm not sure who he was, probably someone very well known to the people who know these things). He started the set with a blank canvas, orange, red and sky blue paint, and some sharpies. By the end had a pretty cool painting, of which I could not get a decent photo. He painted in time to the music, which was very cool.

I went there liking Sovereign pretty well, although I find her CD a little disturbingly arhythmic--I've gotten to like it a lot better as I've listened to it. Hearing her live, though, was an entirely different story--she's awesome! She has a very cool, "It's nothing important, I'm just out here having fun" vibe, but then she has incredible passion in her music. She also has a fantastically cool accent, which doesn't hurt. Oh, and as the yoot are saying these days, she can spit like a redneck with a brand new can of Skoal. So that's good.

The other thing I really like about her is that she doesn't feel the need to emphasize her sexuality. It's not that she isn't pretty, just that the fact isn't very important--which is a little revolutionary, not just for a female Rock Star, but for a young woman in general. She's also plenty powerful, but seems to seperate it from her gender in a very cool way. I haven't studied her lyrics closely enough to be sure, but I would probably call her "post-feminist". That's a good thing.

Let's see, we also saw the Japanese noise-rock band The Boredoms, who were also very, very cool. Three of them sat in a circle, with full drum kits, and played extremely loud music. The fourth jumped around like an angry, Japanese muppet and screamed--it was awesome!

Ghostface Killah was there too, but I lost interest very quickly. His initial song was something indistinct about ice cream, and so I left to get some. (Ben & Jerry's cinnamon with oatmeal cookie bits and fudge!). I believe that later on in the set a number a "honeys" were on stage with him, but at that point we were waiting for Lady Sovereign at the other stage.