Hoooray for a healthy father!

My father, Bob, recently went to the V.A. (Veterans' Affairs) clinic to get tested. A number of people that served in Vietnam around the same time and place that he did have been dying, apparently, and he was starting to get a little worried--Agent Orange is more than just a defoliant, after all, it's also a nasty carcinogen.

The VA told him that negative effects of long-term low-exposure to Agent Orange had never been proven, and that the Army officially denies it. They wouldn't give him any tests at all, except that Congress (those meddlers) insist.

They also claimed that there wasn't any sort of one-shot test to find out if Agent Orange exposure had messed my dad up--after all, the Army still claims that it's totally harmless--so they ran a full battery of tests, bloodwork, &c. looking for every kind of cancer known to man. While they were in there they also tested him for various things that folks his age should be concerned about (such as diabetes).

He came up totally clean, all of the tests were great, and apparently my father is as healthy as the proverbial horse. So that's cool.