The twelve-thousand-person in-joke.

One of my favorite sites these days is Metafilter, partially because the people there can be so damn clever, and occaisionally the whole experience becomes, well, meta. Someone told a joke there today, which you probably won't get. I'm a'gonna explain it to you anyway (even though I know that jokes that require explainations are not really jokes anymore.)

So on Metafilter, people post cool websites, and then the community (around 12,000 people) discuss them. News, historical facts, cool websites, whatever. Sometimes people post things that are boring--for example, when Pepsi first released their blue soda in 2001, someone posted a single link to a news article about it, and people complained loudly.

Nowadays, more and more people are complaining about posts, sometimes before they even read them. "Oh, that looks like another Pepsi Blue, what a crappy post!" The standard reply to people who complain about posts is "Flag it and move on"--flagging a post brings it to the attention of the moderator, Mathowie, who can delete it without bothering the rest of the users with whiny comments.

So today someone posted this awesome Maxwell House commercial. A lot of people started complaining about it, but Mathowie the admin really liked it. He thought it was so cool (and it really is an amazing commercial) that he got a little pissed off at all the people who were complaining, and started a new post about how people shouldn't be so negative. My favorite comment in the new post?

    Flag it and move on.
    posted by brownpau at 11:39 PM

Ok, ok, you probably had to be there. Funniest thing I've seen all week, but too much explaination killed it no doubt. Still, my obsession with Metafilter is interesting, isn't it? Ah, well, check out this thread that immeadiately degenerates into random animated .GIFs

That's where I found out about the Automatic LiveJournal LinkScraper.