New photo gallery.

I spent a couple days trying to install Joomla. These are slick-as-hell content-management sites. In theory, you just upload the files to your server, click on a few buttons, and *boom* you're running a completely customizable slashdot / boing-boing / whatever you want. As many or as few features as you need.

Gallery 2 is similar, but you get your own completely customizable Flickr, hosted on your own server, with your domain name and 100% control of the images.

In reality, I found them both such an incredible pain to use that I gave up completely and wrote my own photo gallery. I admit it--Gallery 2 had some really nice, really slick features. I tried to copy as many of them as I could. (: Anyway, there are still some bugs, but it's working for the most part. this gallery (and a museum I went to recently, with cool art!) and this one (my design for the last Triton play) are fully finished (at least in Firefox, haven't checked in IE yet. Oops!). The others are just one long line of photos, still.

Ick, there was a messy IE bug, but I think I fixed it. It was actually crashing my browser, just because of the css...