Birthday wishlist
Hey, there's really no need to buy me anything. Really, just the fact that you're coming to the party is enough of a gift. Oh, you can't make it? Don't live in Chicago? Well, fair enough, that's still no reason to spend a bunch of money on me. Nevertheless, if you really want to, here are some things I might like. I'll try to update the list as I think of more things. Straight-up cash is always good, too.

If you do want to get me something on this list, please mention it here so that I don't recieve twenty straight razors mailed to me house. The post office might start to wonder about me...

  • This game: Weapons of the Gods. It's a role-playing game set it wuxia China, and it looks fantastic. Offering to run or participate in said game would also be a valuable birthday present, as I don't really want to play all by myself...
  • Leatherman pocket knife: I especially like the Leatherman brand. I'd like a Charge (TI, not that it really matters). A black one.
  • Books: Fuzzy reminded me that I have an (up to date) Amazon wish list!
  • Sharknife: Don't know what it is, exactly, but it sure looks cool. And japanese. I think it's a comic book?
  • A nice (new) straight razor: I don't really like shaving with a safety razor--I find it hard to get a really clean beard border. There are lots of straight razors out there for many different prices. This one looks like a nice set, strop included.
  • And a strop for it: I think buying the stop via eBay is pretty ok, but after the last time I bought those (very rusty and unsafe) razors from eBay I think I'd like to get the razors themselves from somewhere more reputable.
  • Shiva 3000:I wanted to buy this when it came our, last year, but then I forgot all about it. Looks like a really cool book!
  • Perfume, from BPAL: They sell "imps", little 1/32ml test vials, 6 for $16. I was going to request a particular scent, but it's more fun if you choose. I've tried Snake Oil (which I hated), Highwayman, R'yleh, Sea of Glass, Czernobog, Saint-Germain, and Centzon Totochtin (which I loved!).
  • Sheet music: No links for this, but I'm always looking for more sheet music. Idealy, this would be sheet music that I am capable of playing, now, on my violin. "What Keeps Mankind Alive", by Weill, is one in particular that I've been unable to find.
  • A Bluetooth Headset: This one, that you can plug any 3.5mm headset jack into. Right now I'm rockin' my $20 Radio Shack headset, but maybe some day I'll save up for a really nice pair. Or maybe I'll try them out, and realize that I'm not enough of an audiophile to tell the difference!
  • Opera tickets: No matter what, I'm totally going to Salome this season. As noted theatre critic Rodolfo Celletti put it in 1904, "That shit is off the chain, yo!". I'm also looking forward to Travatore, Fledermaus, and Cosi fan tutte. Great season.
  • Playstation: You know, I'd also love a Nintendo Revolution, if you're buying, but any old PS2 will let me play Katamari.
  • Nice Hair Brush: People on metafilter recommend this brush for long hair. So there you go.