A conversation that you weren't a part of.
An except from a recent conversation with a friend about Death and Dying:

    I've always wondered how you could be, for example, an accountant if you really believed, with all your being, that Jesus was Lord and that you could do certain things and thus get to heaven. If you believe in God, how could anything else in your life possibly be more important than that? It always seemed like you'd either be an atheist / agnostic, or a zealot--how could there be a middle ground?

    But I've just now realized that I'm the same way. I really believe in death, and yet I go on from day to day doing nothing about it. Surely there's nothing more imporant than finding a way to cheat death... but instead I'm concentrating on my theatre career. Kind of like someone who is slowly sinking into a pool of quicksand trying to finish the latest John Grisham novel instead of grabbing a rope, really...