Homesick / Tone Clusters

I just got the photos back from the production that I've been devoting my life to, recently, and I'm very excited. Here they are, so please check them out.

I wish that someone could view the show critically, and give me some advice about it because, although I am very proud of my work, I do have some questions.

The thing I'm most concerned about is the motivation for my cues. For the murder victim, it was important to me that I isolate her and give her very little light (until the confrontation in the last scene). The director, of course, didn't want to have the actor stand in one place the whole time so her blocking is fairly extensive. This means that a lot of the time I'm afraid that the lighting changes merely to reflect to position of the actress--sometimes there isn't an honest reason for the stage to get brighter, for example.

I'm happy with a lot of my cues, including a few that looked unmotivated at the beginning but now seem brilliant--like a cue that shifts the focus off of the murderer, so that he steps out of the shadows to continue his monologue.

I'm extremely happy with the lighting in general. The end result might not be subtle, and maybe a monkey could do just as good a job (how hard is it to put a light directly over a girl and turn only that one light on? Not hard) but dammit all, they have real Beauty. It's the reason that I decided to be a lighting designer in the first place, and I love it.