Night Watch is the new Ultraviolet (well, hopefully not, but...)
Sadly, I'm too busy recovering from slacking off and recovering from being too busy to actually post content to my blog. Nevertheless, here's an IM that will be important as a historical record in times to come:
    [12:52] FHBen: We have to see Night Watch. It sounds amazing!!
    [12:57] pomegranate301: wait, why do you want to see it? it sounds really... mediocre.
    [12:57] pomegranate301: Do you despair of ever using up that bottle of 99 Bananas?
    [12:59] FHBen: It sounds fantastic to me. I mean, Ultraviolet, Underworld, Underworld 2, The Matrix 2 & 3, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and The Phantom Menace all sounded awesome to me and were, to a greater or lesser extent, Crimes Against God.
    [12:59] pomegranate301: Hey, that's right.
    [13:00] pomegranate301: So you haven't dismissed your enchantment with this category of film on the off chance that Night Watch is one of the 1% that isn't a crime against God?
    [13:02] FHBen: well... what if I'd decided that Dark City, The Crow, The Matrix, Equilibrium, or Donnie Darko were likely to be awful? Those were, to a similarly greater or lessor extent, Life Changing Visions of a Perfect Universal Harmony.
    [13:02] pomegranate301: true enough