Blood War Postponed
Ultraviolet was moved back a week. I have decided to become obsessed about this movie (to the point of putting crappy images up and "myspacing" my own blog, but not the the point of buying Manic Panic just to get their free movie-related gift) and so you might think that I'm reading the graphic novels. I thought about it (both for this and, even more, for Vendetta). I eventually decided that, although the novels will almost certainly be better than the movie, the movie will (hopefully) manage to get the really cool bits right, and I can read the novels for the subtle bits. Either that, or there will be no connection whatsoever, as with the Extraordinary Gentlemen of Alan Moore.

By the way, Sony's website has a video game based on this movie. It is possibly the least fun video game I have ever played--worse than "The Irritating Stick". Mind you, I've never tried that Beat Takeshi game...

It is also true that Bloodthirst is a Half-Life mod that has nothing to do with Ultraviolet... except that google found it for me with that search term, and that I want to play it now.