18 days to go!
My cousin decided to become obsessed about a movie once, a while ago. Nothing too unusual about that, except that he knew almost nothing about the movie in question. It was a foreign movie, hadn't yet been released in America, and it was an Art movie, to boot. I think he'd read a half-paragraph description, and felt that that was enough.

He kept a running countdown, as I recall, and made plans with me a month in advance to see it on opening day. He also made a scrapbook, with every image and review that he could find..

So the fateful day came, and we went to see this movie that had been about as over-promoted as a movie can be. Or, at least, as over-promoted as my cousin could make it, given that he still knew almost nothing about it. His fanboyish obsession was, more or less, a performance piece and I was prepared for a movie that did not meet our expectations.

As it happened, the movie in question was Run, Lola, Run, and it turned out that he had undersold it.

At any rate, the last action movie that I truly enjoyed was Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium, a beautiful dance opera of post-apocalyptic (though mostly bloodless) violence. I leave to your imagination my feelings upon reading this trivia for Ultraviolet:
    Milla Jovovich's character uses a more authentic variant of "Gun Kata" - a unique blend of gunfighting and martial arts developed by director Kurt Wimmer for his previous film Equilibrium (2002).

Eighteen days!!!!