What do you make of this?
The latest woot description involved the words "neosemantic paradigm", and I wanted to know if they were real words or not, so I turned to my friend Google (as my friend Katya was otherwise engaged). Google gave me this: "Not A Good document to read". I wonder what you make of it. Myself, I'm confused.

It seems to be a bunch of disparate texts all sharing page space, with banners for "Union High School" and various links. Are the texts related? More importantly, the central text (the poorly formatted one, that actually contains the words "neosemantic paradigm") is coherent. It uses a wildly high number of words that I don't know however--is it sense, or Sokal? And what's with the link "Pudding is good"? I mean, sure it is, but...

The internets is a strange and wond'rous place.