"The Anti-Krusty"
In case you don't read Metafilter obsessively, there was a thread there this morning about this amazing piece in the Washington Post. The piece is about a children's entertainer called the Great Zucchini, and it's really, really good.

Oh, and here's a piece with the reporter answering questions about the article. Most interesting response:

Washington, D.C.: As a friend of Eric's, Mr. Weingarten's article has had a healing effect on him. "The Great Zucchini" is walking around with a great big smile on his face feeling good that his problems are "out". He knows that he is a human being, who like the rest of us, all have problems. I think he is a courageous and inspirational person... a person who has acknowledged openly his flaws which is the first step in dealing positively with them. As far as his losing business... he's getting more calls than ever!

Gene Weingarten: This has been authenticated. Thanks.