Two theories...
On the one hand, it may be that I'm just constantly pushing the boundaries, trying to become strange enough that someone will finally tell me "That's enough", like a rebellious teenager. That seems like the depths of foolishness.

One the other hand, maybe I've finally come to realize that there are no boundaries, and I should be ruled only be my own counsel and not by fear of what other people may think. That seems more like the height of wisdom, really.

Wise or foolish, I continue to dress more strangely. I think my co-workers may have gotten used to me kilt, which I wear every day even though I have never been Scottish. I, at least, have gotten used to it, and no longer feel self-concious when I walk through the main office--it's become a part of who I am. I happen to like wearing a kilt, so there. As near as I can tell, everyone just accepts this about me.

So now I have spurs.

I had spurs before, in New York. They were very cheap--not very well made, and not very heavily ornamented. One time a women followed me down a flight of stairs in Barnes & Nobles in order to get my attention and tell me how much she thought the spurs added to my outfit, and to her day. So that was encouraging. So far I've gotten a lot of strange looks, one "It's annoying, I'm not going to lie to you", and one "You sound like some festivity, coming down the hall". I don't mind annoying that one person, so long as I sound like a festivity...