1G PPC6700 Apache... Shuffle!!
For Christmas I got gift cirtificates to Best Buy from Katya's folks and from Triton College, which was cool. So the other night, to wrap up a fury of spending post-christmas capital (a fury that will only truly abate after I acquire new boots) I went to the store in question and purchased a One Gig* mini-SD storage card for my phone. Woot, Woot!

Then, last night, I implemented a scheme that I've been planning for some six months now, back with my old phone. I learned just enough VBScript to write a shell script for my computer that does the following:
    It creates a new folder called "Songs", or empties out the folder if it was already there.
    It scans through all of my music files (some 20 gigs or so) and makes a list of all of the mp3s.
    Then, it chooses a file at random and copies it into "Songs".
    If that folder is still smaller than the size I set (in this case, 1 gig) it goes and gets another random song.

I now have an iPod shuffle, in addition to my day planner, camera, telephone, &c.!!!

It isn't quite as slick as the Shuffle, in that I have to manually erase the files on the phone (pretty quick) and manually copy the "Songs" folder onto the phone (exceedingly slow), but it's good enough for me!

Of course, I didn't finish coding this until two or so (for some reason I really wanted the little Wizard version of My. Clippy to announce my progress...) Only after I finished did I realize how long it would take to transfer a gig of randomly-chosen files via USB to my phone's storage card. But, I had to use this new technology, right? (:

*Well, the box says that they choose to define a gigabyte as one billion bites, which is up the them, I guess. By my count it's really only 954Megs, as a gig=1024 meg, and a meg=1024 K... Not that I'm complaining!!!
Marianne Shields2008-10-14
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