Day of rest (or two)
I forget how busy I've been, but the idea of not having to do anything for two whole days seems like an exotic luxury. My free time is multiplied, as it were, because Katya's at a retreat from Friday through Tuesday. On the one hand, it means I don't have anyone to have breakfast with. On the other hand, it means I don't have to have breakfast with anyone. I'll be quite glad to see her when she gets back, but it's nice to be all by myself every so often.

Yesterday I not only avoided leaving the house, I didn't even get dressed. Today I got dressed only so that I could go next door for breakfast (vegetarian-sausage gravy with biscuits. Mmmm!).

Friday night I stayed up 'till the wee hours learning a bunch of music theory. If anyone else is interested, this site is a great place for the basics of chord theory. I now know what people mean when they say a chord is a "diminished seventh" or a "major third" and what-not. He also cover chord progressions a little-tiny bit, but I wish I understood more about that. I'd really like to learn how to compose music.

I spent most of the day on Saturday playing around with my electric fiddle, Cakewalk Kinetic and Music Creator (loop generating and multi-track recording software, respectivly) and a copy of "Greensleeves". Unfortunately, due to a deadly combination of lack of skill and lack of knowledge, the whole affair was simply too dreadful.

And this morning I did my Greek (Orantas tried to betray Cyrus the Younger, as I make it out, but gave the incriminating letter to the wrong fellow) at Heartland Cafe. That was great. Now I'm doing some more work on IndieAddict.com, the website and Evan and I are building.

The cats have been puzzled, but delighted to have me home all day.