Torchlight Sales Pitch

Remember when you got Diablo? Did you regret buying it? If you didn\'t buy it (I think I stole my copy, actually) did you think it would have been worth purchasing? (I certainly would have, if I\'d had the cash... I think I paid for Diablo 2).

If so, there is little reason for you not to buy Torchlight. Furthermore, there is no reason whatsoever not to download the free demo, like I did last night. I only got halfway through before I bought a copy--it\'s as if someone who truly loved and understood Diablo made a modern, 21st century update with a less-gritty aesthetic. This is because it was made by the same people who made Diablo, except in the 21st century and with a more cheerful look. Even the composer / sound designer is the same!

I can\'t quite come up with a good analogy--it\'s the same game in all the ways that matter, but still a completely different game. Certainly the videos I\'ve seen don\'t do it justice at all: try the demo. It\'s just way more fun than the videos make it look.

So far my only complaint is that the skill tree doesn\'t seem as deep as I\'m used to, but I\'ll have to wait and see. I\'m certainly not bored yet, but i\'m only level 7.

Oh and also when you feed fish to your cat it turns into a helpful monster so that is also nice.