This will be my very first 'blog entry, how exciting. For the moment, I'll just spend my time describing this page, and how it works. More exciting stuff can come later... in theory.
Each entry is emailed to a specific email account. When my mailserver receives it, procmail feeds it to a script called This reformats the email, checks for a password, &c, and then outputs it to a text file. Originally it would ahve used to put it in the mySQL database, but for some reason DBI just isn't working. Ah, well, this is more fun anyhow.
After it writes the text file, the script shoves the text file into mySQL via command-line batch processing, and there you go. On the other end, when you look at it, the files are retrieved via PHP (as the perl solution involves DBI again). The page itself should work in NS, IE and Opera 7 (although not Opera 6, it turns out)... It's kinda cool... a couple of months ago my partener designed the site in photoshop, but she designed it with a bunch of semi-transparent windows... forgetting how hard that would be to replicate in straight HTML. I was bored, and took the challege, although I can't remember exactly how it works just now. (: Sometime I should create a more high contrast version, to really show it off.
Ok, now I'm off to clean the bathroom. With any luck, this complicated process will work, and this entry will appear, magically, on the web.