Everything You Know About the Stow
Good Gifts to Buy for Me
Things that I Want.
  • A bluetooth adapter, so that my computer can talk to my ΰber-phone
  • A bluetooth headset, although they're a bit pricey...
  • Some sort of device to trim my sideburns/mustache. Possibly electirc,
  • Or possibly old sk00l.
  • (But probably not too bizarre... Although this looks pretty cool for $150...
  • I'll need new boots before too long.
  • I'll always want more kilts.
  • And, speaking of Kilts, I kind of like the idea of a nice sporran.
  • Also, vests, vests and more vests. I'd probably wear a vest every day, if I had enough of them. Only formal ones, if you please, with pocket watch pockets as well.
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