Everything You Know About the Pursed
The Faery Queene, Book 2
by Edmund Spenser
I'm not sure how many years passed between writing book one and book two, but Eddie got an awful lot better, in my opinion. Book One made little use of alliteration, for example, except for one striking bit at the end. Book Two is full of "Chearefull cheekes" and lines like:

"Thy little hands embrewd in bleeding brest..." .

Ok, maybe those aren't the best examples, but I'm late for work and don't have time to re-read the Fairy Queene jsut now.

In point of fact, I might not ever read it in the first place. Better poetry or no, it's still often extrememly dull, and the plot (Sir Guyon, or Temperance, must... er... slay the dragon of sin again or something) is anything but riveting.
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