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I must obtain this phone.
Ok, so I've had my Samsung i300 for about three years now, and I've been dropping it once every three months or so. Apparently there is a limit to the number of times that one can do this, and that limit is 12. Or something like that, because when I dropped it again on Friday the screen said, "Memory Page Hand Thing Error: Reset?" and wouldn't reset no matter what I did.

Fortunately I have half a paycheck from Triton College, some credit with Sprint, and a birthday coming up, so I hope to be able to get a PPC-6600:

I wasn't all that interested in Microsoft Devices, but then I actually used one of these at the Sprint store. WOW!!!! Essentially (if you buy the thing, and then pay for the Sprint Data Plan) it is more or less exactly as fast to surf the web on this thing as it is on my work computer. And it renders full-on HTML, none of that WAP stuff, with images and everything. It doesn't scale the images (which I think I like) but they are in full color, just like surfing the web on a tiny fraction of my computer monitor.

This is how we all imagined the wireless revolution would be, five years ago. I remember being a little disappointed that, even though I had my kick-ass Kyocera PDA-Phone, it was really clunky to get showtimes for movies, and that was about the only useful thing I could do at all.

At the store, I went to www.teencrackwhores.com (this site) and it loaded right up. Because I'm all made-of-css, it even looked nice on the smaller screen. Then I clicked the link to Penny-Arcade, and it took me there. -SIGH-

Even without the data plan (and I'll try it out, probably, and see if it's worth it to me) it looks really, really nice, like having a tiny laptop. It runs a version of MSOffice, Word, Excell, &c. It supports third-party apps (unlike the Sidekick, my former "must-have" new phone).

You can write on it with the stylus, like Palm PDAs, and it also has a slick-as-hell keyboard that slides out from underneath it.

To top it off, if has a 640x480 res camera, that can also take video (it supports removable media storage, of some variety). Not high on my list, but also not something I'd refuse to enjoy.

Oh, and it plays MP3 files as ringtones.
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