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This may not be interesting to anyone. I was asking Fuzzy for some help with something ('cause he's awesome) and I wanted to give him some background. I've been working on this character sheet for changeling for forever.

I have a database with all of the stats for a changeling character. My first version worked this way:
It would build a character sheet, and put "empty" glass beads for all of the stats
Then it would run through and "fill them up" according to the number of each stat, so if your Strength is a 4, then it would go through and put four red beads under strength.
I have no clear idea how it did this, the code was ridiculously confusing, so now I'm starting all over again.

This time, I have these arrays. Each array is a type of stat, like "playerInfo" or "physical". As the page loads, it gets the stat from the database, and checks to see what sort of thing it is. So it gets the Strength stat, and says, "am I in the Physical array?"
If it is, then it gets turned into a string that will later on be printed to the screen, in a DIV block with all the other Physical stats.
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