Everything You Know About the Refractory
My brush with Envy
I'm not ordinarily an envious person. I mean, I like nice stuff and all, but I very rarely feel the edge of need for something someone else has.
This night, however, I put on my flashy shirt, and thought I looked pretty good. Then I wandered into the other room and found out how good it was possible to look...
Ever since I saw that jacket in the thrift store it's been a bitter-sweet garmet for me. I reckon that it would fit my arm... maybe...
Anyway, to make an incoherent and rambling tale a little quicker to close, I was so impressed by Katya's sartorial elegance and style, and so oppressed by the idea that my shiny shirt looked like an A&F faded tee by comparison, that I almost cried.
I ended up putting on my droopy-sleeved goth shirt and going out with her, feeling better and better. I'm entirely cured of my envy (I think) and very impressed with the way it turned out.
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