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I really like to code, and I especially like web coding (other people have taken care of the infrastructure, I can cut right to the interesting bits instead of trying to figure out how to make a window or draw a button). However, I am excessivly bad at design work. . I can't even choose colors.

So I wrote most of the code for this site a while back, before I had ever seen a blog (well, before I'd ever really examined one, at least). It looked like hell, and I never got around to finishing up some "minor" interface issues. Those issues meant that I never, ever posted.

So I was reading Katya's blog the other day, and I decided that I really wanted to try this blogging thing. I went on to Blogger and tried to set it up... but I kept getting silly errors and I couldn't figure out how to get the ftp to work with my server. Silly, I know.

Then Katya suggested (brilliant woman that she is) that all I really needed was a template--my code worked, more or less, quite well. I promptly stole the css for minima black (blogger has sweet css, and the cleanest html I've ever seen) and chucked it into my code.

Then I noticed that blogger had a lot of neat functionality, like comments and archives &c., so I've been frantically writing all of that.

So I now have a near-duplicate of a blogger site, with an exact swipe of blogger's template, but every line of PHP is mine. There are still some mysteries for me to solve (What's a "trackback" do? How do I notify liveJournal?) but I'm ready to declare this a fully-functional blog.

Woot! I have a blog! How very 2001 of me.
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