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Kafka, Part II

The second most important thing that I realized (although not until after I'd finished) was that, inexplicably, someone is making this into a video game for the PS3. Um.

That became the core concept of Kurayami: literally, darkness.

'I want to deliver a very specific, totally new pixel shader based on darkness: an artistic texture, mixed with various effects."

Kurayami's midnight world consists of a town huddled under a great castle, the object of the hero's climb. Safe only in well-lit areas, his guttering torch allows him to risk travel from one to the next, but the night through which he gingerly treads seethes with enemies. "It's not about some hideous monsters or evil creatures coming out of the darkness," clarifies Goichi, "but playing on our natural fears of the dark, and the uneasiness that comes from the absence of noise and life." Danger isn't exclusively a product of the hero's psyche, as the townsfolk's responses to his presence can also become heated - Goichi promising a less linear storyline than his previous works. "It shows how people change when faced with their fears - in a way, you could see a little bit of what Japan, or the world, is like in this town."

Oh, and there's also my first reaction to the novel...

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