Everything You Know About the Inclinations

On Friday, Kate came across three kids panhandling in the Loop, and invited them to the 'nidge to crash. Nate, Paul and Kesia(sp?) turned out to be awesome (self-described) hobos. They were freight-hopping, and left on Saturday morning to jump a train to Florida.

They really reminded me of my cousin's friends, from back when we were roommates in NYC--extremely good natured, and a lot of fun. I've been reading about train hopping for a while, now, and it was great to meet folks who are actually doing it! Like everyone else, they had horror stories (their's involved a drunk friend of a friend who fell through the slats of a boxcar and lost both legs) but they said that in general it wasn't terribly difficult to do.

It makes me incredibly happy to live in a house with enough room to just invite random people over, and to be living with such awesome folks who are willing to do so!

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